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Notes on Antifragile

Notes on Antifragile

See the book here.


Some things seem to improve in volatile and unpredictable environments. Antifragile attempts to examine why.

The book takes a critical look at modern society and the practice of interfacing in systems, which makes them more fragile.


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Notes on Make Time

Notes on Make Time

Recently I have been examining team processes, and naturally came across the SPRINT approach to software development. When I stumbled across the book Make Time and realised it was from the same two behind SPRINT. I thought I'd give it a read. These are my notes...

The main p...

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Notes on Grit

I recently finished reading Grit these are the notes from my follow up.

After a couple of weeks of letting the information settle, I'm going to highlight the key points.


Getting inspired to work hard is where it all starts.

  • We are always told that we should persevere
  • Deep down...