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Gravitational Attraction

If you want to see the pull of gravity, drop whatever you're holding right now. If you had listened, you may have seen your phone drop to the ground and bounce.

It may even have a few scuffs, or that pen may have hit the desk. Whatever the scenario there is no denying gravity is something that we...

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Maze Generation

Using a depth first search and a recursive back tracking algorithm

and this Wiki Page.


First I have to think about how I am going to approach the maze.

I'm using an HTML5 canvas which I will divide into a grid with each cell being it's own object. The program will figure out which wal...

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A Journey back in time..

In 2013 a game was released that in the following year would take the world by storm. A young Vietnamese programmer named Dong Nguyen released a game that he would later remove from the App store from guilt of overuse and the addictive nature of the game. That game was Fla...

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So what is a force?


A vector that causes an object with mass to accelerate.

All objects with mass experience force. Some common forces: gravity, tension, spring, buoyancy, air resistance.

These are things we want to model within our code to create a dynamic simulation of the real wor...

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This year has really got off to a flying start. I'm super busy at work and school and I have been squeezing in non work related learning when I can. I have had to do more database work at my day job so I have been wrapping my head around that which has stunted my progress with the Nature of Code.


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What is a vector?

In the Euclidean sense a vector is something that has magnitude and direction.

The size of the vector is the magnitude and the direction is the angle in relation to an x axis running adjacent to the vector.

A vector doesn't necessarily have to be expressed as a magnitude and...